NanoCap - For Fullerenes, Nanotubes and Caps...

NanoCap is a Python framework for constructing the atomic coordinates of carbon fullerenes and nanotubes (open-ended, periodic or capped).

NanoCap provides:

  • A multi-platform desktop application
  • Provides real-time analysis and 3D visualisation.
  • Python libraries for custom scripts
  • Example scripts are bundled which demonstrate the use of the NanoCap libraries.
  • Built-in structure optimisation with sophisticated carbon forcefields
  • Enables the generation of low energy, physically sensible topologies.
  • A database of low energy structures
  • A persistent local database provides a quick and easy method of viewing and exporting previously generated structures.

VIDEO: Using NanoCap to construct a nanotube.
VIDEO: Using NanoCap to generate multiple capped (10,10) nanotubes.

More screen shots